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Bulletin 2 - english

We publish detailed information about the event Holba & Litovel ORIENT EXPRESS MTBO in Bulletin 2. At the same time we are launching registration via ORIS (Czech orienteering information system) and  accommodation. Do not hesitate, in event centre we have 150 beds and a campsite for camping. Other options in town Šternberk post after full capacity.


 9th round of CC MTBO 2016 – SHORT, WMS, HC
10th round of CC MTBO 2016 – SPRINT, Czech Championship, WRE, 5th round of SC, HC
Czech MTBO Championship Relay 2016, World Masters Relay
11th round of CC MTBO 2016 – LONG, WRE, WMS, 6th round of SC, HC


  • CC……….Czech MTBO Cup
  • WRE…… World Ranking Event
  • WMS…… World Masters Series
  • SC……… Slovak MTBO Cup
  • HC........... Hungarian MTBO Cup


Czech Orienteering Federation

Technical Realization:

GIGANT Orienteering, z. s.


  • 26th August 2016 Middle (Event Centre 1), 9th round of the Czech Cup MTBO, WMS
  • 27th August 2016 Sprint (Event Centre 2), 10th round of CC, Czech Championship, WRE, 5th round of SC
  • 27th August 2016 Relay (Event Centre 2), Czech Championship of Relay, World Masters Relay
  • 28th August 2016 Long (Event Centre 1), 11th round of CC, WMS, WRE, 6th round of SC

Event Centre:


  • Friday 26th August 2016 11:00 - 13:00, Event Centre 1
  • Saturday 27th August 2016 7:00 -  8:00,  Event Centre 1, lists of relays via ORIS (Czech orienteering information system) or in Event Centre 2 till 13:00
  • Sunday 28th August 2016 8:00 -  9:00,  Event Centre 1


All distances will be specified in Bulletin 3.
Car park – Event Centre: 0 - 500 m
Accommodation – Event Centre 1: 0 m
  • Friday
    Event Centre 1 – start: max. 4000 m
    Event Centre 1 – finish: 0 m
  • Saturday
    Event Centre 1 – Event Centre 2: 8 km
    Event Centre 2 – start + finish sprint: 2000 m
    Relays in Event Centre 2
  • Sunday
    Event Centre 1 – start: max. 3000 m
    Event Centre 1 – finish: 0 m

Start 00:

  • Friday: 14:00, intervallic start
  • Saturday sprint: 10:00 intervallic start, relays: 15:00 in waves
  • Sunday: 10:00, intervallic start


Undulating to hilly terrain at an altitude of 300 – 600 m with a high density of paths and tracks of various passability.


ISMTBOM 2010, scale for sprint 1:5 000, middle and relays 1:10 000, long 1:15 000,
Author and classification: Team GIGANT Orienteering, update 8/2016

System of Punching:

Electronic – SportIdent


  • W14, W17, W20, W21E, W21A, W21B, W40, W45, W50, W55, W60, W65, W70, W75
  • M14, M17, M20, M21E, M21A, M21B, M21C, M40, M45, M50, M55, M60, M65, M70, M75, M80
  • MW10, OPEN Short, OPEN Long
  • W14, W17, W20, W21E, W21A, W21B, W40, W50
  • M14, M17, M20, M21E, M21A, M21B, M21C, M40, M50, M60
  • MW10, OPEN Short
  • M, W, M120, W120, MW120, M160, MW160, OPEN

Categories of World Masters Relay M120 + MW120 + M160 + MW160 have identical courses and the Czech Masters Championship will be announced after the combination of these into one class M120.

The right to participate, estimated time of the winner and the lengths of courses in accordance with MTBO Implementation Guidelines 2016.


Each individual competition will be replenished by MW10 class. Exact character of courses in this class will be described later in the instructions, most probably they will be simply marked by streamers and easily passable by bike or on foot. Accompaniment of parents who will have completed their race will be possible.

OPEN classes (public, without licence):

No registration or licence is needed to participate in OPEN classes. Registration for a race is done via registration system (if you are a member of a club with registration for MTBO) or via email in which name, surname, year of birth, class and chip number are stated. If you wish to lend a SI chip, state this request in the registration as well.
Class OPEN Long participants registered by the date stated are entitled to a discount registration fee of 200 CZK/race, in case of later registration or registration at the venue, the registration fee is 300 CZK/race. Class OPEN Short has uniform registration fee 100 CZK/race.

Participants in categories OPEN may start any time during the start of the race.


On the website or from the Race Director: Aleš Linhart, Phone: +420 732 126 445, email:
Starting list and instructions will be published on the website in the week before the race.


Until Friday 19th August 2016 till 23:59:59 via registration system ORIS. Foreign racers see important FAQ/Help to use ORIS! Participants wishing to be included in WRE, have to have their IOF ID stated in their profile (in the part Competition info). Changes after the deadline via email to

Registration fees:

MW10, WM14120 CZK*120 CZK120 CZK
WM17, WM20220 CZK 220 CZK220 CZK
WM21, WM40-80 300 CZK 300 CZK340 CZK
OPEN Short 100 CZK100 CZK100 CZK
OPEN Long 200 CZK-200 CZK
SI chip Rental 50 CZK 50 CZK 50 CZK
Relay 840 CZK
*100 CZK ~ 4 EUR

The right of participation follows the MTBO Implementation Guidelines 2016. The above stated registration fees apply to participants registered by the date stated. Later registrations for double the registration fee will be accepted according to the capacitive possibilities of the organizer. The participants registered with the Czech Orienteering Federation, Slovak Orienteering Federation or Hungarian Orienteering Federation are entitled to 50% discount from the basic registration fee.

Payment of the registration fee and accommodation is done via bank transfer to the credit of the under mentioned bank account Gigant Orienteering till 24th August 2016 (date of crediting the account with the sum). Send the payment well in advance or bring the remittance slip with you to the presentation. Bank account: 2400207368/2010 at FIO Bank a.s., VS = 777xxxx, where xxxx is the number of a club according to the Czech Orienteering Federation. Foreign participants will pay the registration fee upon the presentation!


For those accommodated in cabins and tents near the accommodation. For those who are not accommodated also in Event Centre 1 or near the ATC if possible. The fee is 100 CZK/car or 200 CZK/caravan the whole stay – it will be collected at the arrival. Follow the instructions of the organizers.


It is possible to buy hot meals in the Event Centre and restaurants in town Sternberk. Catering will be available in the Event Centre from Friday until the Sunday departure, hot meals including the possibility of breakfast (coffee, tea, cakes...).


Description beds available Price/person/night
Type A Cabin with complete en suite facilities and kitchenette
(sink, electric cooker, refrigerator, crockery, dining sets)
2-3 16 350 CZK
Type B Cabin with complete en suite facilities
(WC, shower, washbasin)
7-9 48 300 CZK
Type C Cabin with partial en suite facilities
(WC, washbasin)
6 24 250 CZK
Type D Cabins without en suite facilities 2-4 61 200 CZK
Type E Person in own tent, caravan or a car unlimited 120 CZK
  Electric connection for caravans (price per whole stay) 150 CZK

Order in ORIS – Additional services. Bookings of the whole cabins for both the nights will be preferred and done in advance. If there are any vacant cabins, sale of individual beds, possibly even for individual nights will start on 15th August 2016.

Foreign participants will pay payments of accommodation and registration fee upon the presentation!


Will be available at the Event Centre.


In a written form to the controller together with a fee 200 CZK.


The competition follows the effective MTBO Rules, Competition Rules and Implementation Guidelines for the year 2016.


Restriction of entry to the race area in compliance with the provision of part 11, subsections 3 and 5 of the effective MTBO Rules applies from the date of publication of this Bulletin II. The race area is situated among Bělkovice, Domašov u Šternberka, Šternberk, Horní Žleb and Dalov. See Maps.


Off track riding is strictly prohibited (besides SPRINT). Breach will be the reason for disqualification. Further information will be available in the race instruction. Technical check of bikes will be performed by the organizer before the start for categories MW14 and 17. All bikes must have tyres with minimum width of 1.5”. Each participant must wear a properly fastened cycling helmet, failing that s/he will not be permitted to start.

Event Functionaries:

Director: Aleš Linhart (Alda)
Controller: Luděk Valík (Luda)
IOF Advisor for WRE: Milan Meier (Pinda)

Course setters:

Middle: Tomáš Zrník (Zito)
Sprint, relay: Jan Skoupý (Kekety)
Long: Dalibor Kroc (Daja), Tomáš Zrník (Zito)

Approval Endorsement:

Bulletin 2 was approved by MTBO commission on 6th May 2016.

The race takes place with kind permission of Forests of the Czech Republic, s.p., the town of Šternberk, village of Domašov u Šternberka and company Excalibur Army.

Team GIGANT Orienteering is looking forward to seeing you! 

 Aleš Linhart, director

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