Friday 12 August 2016

We will look after your kids

smiley face system for MW10
Don't even think about leaving your children at home! At Orient Express MTBO you won't have to worry about your kids when you run in the woods or enjoy your cool beverage. They will be well looked after. Here is what they can look forward to:

MW10 children's courses, a wooden mountain bike trail at ORIENT Bike School, ORIENT Kindergarten, Big KID Orchestra, a Treasure Hunt and a real tank excursion...

MW10 children's courses

Easy courses for kids will be available for children accompanied by parents who have finished their own race. The children's course will be marked using the usual smiley face system. If you go in the right direction, you will find a happy face sign after every intersection. If you take a wrong turn, an unhappy face sign will let you know. The system motivates children to focus on map reading rather than just looking for colour ribbons. Register for MW10 via ORIS.

smiley face system for MW10

ORIENT Bike school

In collaboration with the organizers of the famous Šela Bike Marathon, we will have arranged a wooden bike trail where your kids can test their skills. ORIENT Bike School will present children an opportunity to perfect their biking technique regardless of their age. The wooden trail can be adjusted to fit different spaces and accommodates a wide range of skill levels and age groups.

ORIENT Kindergarten

You will also be able to utilize our free babysitting service while you compete. Your children can look forward to a treasure hunt and to our traditional Big Kids' Orchestra and other fun activities. If they are interested in making music and/or related noise, let them bring improvised musical instruments such as spoons, old pots, lids, etc. Please indicate your interest in ORIENT kindergarten services via the ORIS registration system. 

Tank Training

ICV Pandur 8x8 tank
To have a morning in style, we will bring a real armoured vehicle to the premises on Saturday morning of the event. A real tank (ICV Pandur 8x8) will be on display and open for excursion. It has been lent to us by the Excalibur Army, which has also kindly granted their permission for Orient Express to be held. Children and adult competitors heading for their sprint courses can try running against the tank and who knows, they might even face it in action...

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  1. I visited my son's Phoenix pre-k in session. I popped there unexpectedly in the middle of the day. Every parent should do this. They had some structured learning but also a lot of playing which I think is the best way for children to learn.


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