Monday 15 August 2016

Culture for everyone

As you know, O-mountain bikers need more than racing to keep them
going. Arts & culture feeds the vulture! You are right, entertainment
is the more accurate term but for the sake of appearances, let's call
it arts. You can look forward to wonderful programming, which is
packed with the best tips of our organizing team. If you are like us
at all, you'll love it!

The programme features our traditional ORIENT EXPRESS Show, HOLBA & Litovel HAPPY HOUR, an ORIENT BIKE Party with the punk rock legend ZATREST. Like every year, the HOLBA & Litovel beer relay will be the cherry on the top, in which you will be challenged by the top beer relay competitors of the GIANT Orienteering home club. Let's see who


As in previous years, the belly dancers of the Aysun Dance Studio will stun you with their best numbers (don't forget that drinks are just as good as an applause). ORIENT EXPRESS participants from recent years will attest to unprecedented motivating effect of this show. Fort Radíkov still resonates with the spirit of the solo performance of Martin Šňupárek, whose belly dancing skills made him a hot candidate for the first male member of the Aysun Dance Studio team.

Martin in his top form


The ORIENT EXPRESS team is proud to look after your sufficient intake of liquids, which is vital to your good health. The excellent Šerák 11 °by Holba and wonderful Moravan 11 ° from Litovel will be on tap; before the race you will be served 2% Blood Orange Draft Radler from Litovel and 2% Holba Cranberry Mint. Children and drivers can enjoy malinovka, Kofola and non-alcoholic beer on tap. Speaking of taps, there will be a whole ten on them ready for you. Look and listen for the HOLBA & Litovel HAPPY HOUR to taste all the beverages at our sponsorship prices.

HOLBA & Litovel beer relay

This traditional contest, a specialty of Moravian o-bikers will test you in other areas besides orienteering. The GIGANT ORIENTEERING home club has been honing its skills and will challenge all the participants to stand up to GIGANT in this very important competition of the season. The details of the race will be published in the ORIENT EXPRESS bulletin No.3 and on-site.

Zatrest - Latest CD


We had asked the punk bards of the ZATREST Band from Olomouc, who played for us in Fort Radíkov in 2011 to see us again and they kindly agreed. We will be excited to present this stellar band, whose latest CD Poslední (Last) is available online on their Bandzone profile.

"Zatrest music is a classic old school punk-rock style of in the style of 1970s bands from England. They are stellar performers of their well-conceived and well-composed music.."

Zatrest - Olomouc city rockers

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