Monday 4 July 2022

Tips for trips

After the race you will be left with a large amount of time on your hands, which you can spend on a trip with your children or sightseeing. We’ve got a few tips for you on where to go.



In Olomouc you can find the Olomouc Castle, the Přemyslid Palace, the Column of the Holy Trinity (a UNESCO monument) and a set of Baroque fountains, park gardens and many cafes and pubs. You also have the possibility of climbing the newly repaired town hall tower and a view from the medieval tower of the Church of St. Mořic. (49.5939694N, 17.2504050E) 

Svatý Kopeček

There you can visit the basilica (which was originally intended to be the goal of the sprint race) with a wonderful view of Olomouc, and the Svaty Kopecek ZOO. (49.6292428N, 17.3382444E)

Svatý Kopeček

Velká Bystřice - TVARG

Minipivovar TVARG

With the pleasant gardens of a chateau and the minibrewery and restaurant TVARG (our sponzor) that serves wonderful tvaruzky in the city center. 

"Our story began at the end of 2020, when, after extensive reconstruction, we revived the cellars in Velká Bystřice. We restored the brewing craft, which has been a tradition in the town since 1579.

We are a progressive craft brewery which, in addition to honest lagers for traditional brewers, focuses on beer specialties from all over the world. Every year we produce up to 20 specials and we brew beer from the highest quality raw materials and water from our own well. The honest craft is supervised by the head brewer David Kapsia with rich experience from all over the world, not only in the Kosíř mini-brewery where he started out. " (49.5945167N, 17.3582553E)

Malý Rabštýn

For those that enjoy rock climbing, this isolated rock on the border of the Nízký Jeseník and the Oderské vrchy mountains in the valley of the Bystřice river between the villages of Jívová and Domašov nad Bystřicí and in the immediate vicinity of the Olomouc - Opava railway line is a prime destination. It is a nearly forty-meter wall with a very solid rock formed by metamorphic eruptions reminiscent of granite from the Tarty mountains. Climbing is not restricted by nature conservation authorities. (49.7230192N, 17.4516822E)

Prameny Odry

The Libavá military district in the Oderské vrchy is the source of one of the two important European rivers in the Czech Republic. While the spring of the first of them, the Elbe, in Krkonose is one of the most frequented tourist destinations, the Odra River does not attract as many tourists, making it a great place for rest after a tiring race. A red tourist sign from the bus stop in the village of Dolní Újezd near Lipník nad Bečvou leads to the place where the spring. (49.6133481N, 17.5201300E)

(Entrance to the temporarily accessible areas of the Libavá Military District: Friday from 15:00 to 22:00. On Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays from 06:00 to 22:00)

Prameny Odry

Tower of Velký Roudný (near the Slezska Harta)

In Nízký Jeseník on the Velký Roudný hill you will find a tower of the same name, built only a few years ago. From the 20-meter-high wooden tower with six viewing platforms there are nice views of the Slezská Harta dam, the Hrubý Jeseník ridge, the Nízký Jeseník, Krnov, Opavsko, Beskydy and even the Oderské vrchy mountains when the weather is good.
By car it is possible to drive to Roudno or above it, where a green tourist sign leads from the road across the meadow to the tower. The nearest train stop is in Valšov, from where you can also go up the hill to the tower along the green tourist track. The tower is free for everybody. (49.8915028N, 17.5232433E)

Velký Roudný

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